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Welcome to Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership

Welcome to The Partnership

Welcome to Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership. We are a fellowship of three Christian congregations seeking to embody and share the loveUniting Church of God in the neighbourhoods of Whaley Bridge, Fernilee and Kettleshulme. 

We believe that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ reveal God’s loving purposes for all creation, and direct Christians to work together to fulfil a common calling ...

  • to be faithful followers of Jesus, reflecting his will and way in everything we do.

  • to help other people to discover what being a follower of Jesus could mean for them.

  • to work for global justice, peace and the wellbeing of all creation (the values of God’s coming kingdom). 

FernileeWe also believe the Christian church is meant to be diverse and available to people of all sorts, and strive to achieve this in our life together. Our three congregations are different sizes, and gather in different surroundings. They have different traditions and different ways of worshipping. But you can sure of a warm welcome in each of them, whether you have been a church-goer for years, or just curious to know what we are about. As you browse our website, you will discover groups and events that reflect our interest in people, the local community and the wider world. Kettleshulme

We are not the United Partnership – we are the Uniting Partnership. We believe that God is leading us on a journey that is still ongoing, and we look forward to welcoming you as a companion on this journey.

All three churches of Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership are members of Churches Together in Whaley Bridge.

Revd Michael Peat


Is the Gospel Biased? Asks Jane Henderson

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Is the Gospel Biased? Asks Jane Henderson

Our ecumenical Lent Groups this year have been exploring some of the Parables that Jesus used to communicate truths about God’s Kingdom. The presumption of ourstudies has been the idea that the Gospel message has a bias toward the poor.

In our predominantly middle-class community, this idea can feel veryuncomfortable. Verses that challenge those who are wealthy or eventhose who merely have enough, can make us want to seek to reinterpret ‘poor’ as meaning only those who are ‘poor in spirit’.

Our lent groups have had some good in-depth discussions about this. The material we have been using has challenged us to see ourselves not necessarily as the people who were once sinners and have now been saved and have it all sorted, but perhaps in some way as colluding (consciously or unconsciously) with the systems of injustice that cause oppression: an uncomfortable position for us as Christians to findourselves in.

But the challenge from the parables is to continually question ourselves as to how Jesus would see us (the church) today. Would he seeus as aligned with him in standing against the cultural bias toward wealth and success? Would he see us as a group of people who stand by thepoor, the oppressed and the vulnerable, speaking out on their behalf? Orwould he align us with the Pharisees who appear to be Holy and Religious but are actually missing the point about God’s true Kingdom?

And the reason that asking these questions of ourselves is so important is that they are important to God. God isn’t just concerned with our individual belief in him, but he’s also concerned with what we are doing to further his Kingdom among our communities.

If we invest in banks and companies where our money is used for businesses that deal in arms, ‘adult’ magazines or gambling, are we not in part culpable? If we do not challenge our government when it is cutting benefits to the poorest and most vulnerable in society whilst at thesame time giving tax breaks to the wealthiest, are we not like the Pharisees, more concerned with our own piety than in standing up for what is right?

These are the kinds of things our Lent Groups have been grappling with. And probably all groups, much like the one I’m leading, have discovered that there are no simple or easy answers to these questions. But the important thing is that we have at least made a conscious effort to engage with these ideas. We haven’t swept them aside as irrelevant, or not something we could or should do anything about.

We have discussed, disagreed, agreed, grappled, and rarely concluded. And what has been most enriching is that we have done this in groups with Christians from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, denominational and otherwise. We have disagreed with thoughts and ideas while respecting everyone’s right to hold those thoughts and ideas. We have despaired together and laughed together, learned together and moved on together, and hopefully we have all been enriched by the experience. I know I have.

For me, small groups are an important vehicle for helping us to explore what it means to be Christian in our changing world. So, if you’ve been to a Lent Group this year, I hope you have found the materials thought-provoking. I hope, like me, you have been challenged to look at your attitudes towards money and poverty. If you haven’t been to a Lent Group this year, I hope you might feel inclined towards joining in next year…


Last Updated on Monday, 28 April 2014 07:21
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28 September 2014

Whaley Bridge Uniting Church

10.30am - All Age Worship

Fernilee Church

2.30pm - Afternoon Worship with Holy Communion

Kettleshulme Church

2.30pm - Afternoon Worship with Holy Communion



Upcoming Events

Harvest Barn Dance

Uniting Church Upper Hall

Saturday 4 October, 7.30pm - 10pm

Meat & potato pie supper (vegetarian option on request)

Tickets £5, available from the "Over the Road" shop & Lynne.



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