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Welcome to Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership

Welcome to The Partnership

Welcome to Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership. We are a fellowship of three Christian congregations seeking to embody and share the loveUniting Church of God in the neighbourhoods of Whaley Bridge, Fernilee and Kettleshulme. 

We believe that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ reveal God’s loving purposes for all creation, and direct Christians to work together to fulfil a common calling ...

  • to be faithful followers of Jesus, reflecting his will and way in everything we do.

  • to help other people to discover what being a follower of Jesus could mean for them.

  • to work for global justice, peace and the wellbeing of all creation (the values of God’s coming kingdom). 

FernileeWe also believe the Christian church is meant to be diverse and available to people of all sorts, and strive to achieve this in our life together. Our three congregations are different sizes, and gather in different surroundings. They have different traditions and different ways of worshipping. But you can sure of a warm welcome in each of them, whether you have been a church-goer for years, or just curious to know what we are about. As you browse our website, you will discover groups and events that reflect our interest in people, the local community and the wider world. Kettleshulme

We are not the United Partnership – we are the Uniting Partnership. We believe that God is leading us on a journey that is still ongoing, and we look forward to welcoming you as a companion on this journey.

All three churches of Whaley Bridge Uniting Partnership are members of Churches Together in Whaley Bridge.

Revd Michael Peat

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Advent: a Season of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

by Keith Sandow

We are now entering the season of Advent. There will be the ring of coloured candles on the altar and with local shops displaying festive calendars, Advent is not hard to miss. Everything seems to be pointing towards Christmas Day and it will be filled with a flurry of activity.  But if we simply look at Advent as a countdown to Christmas, we might miss its purpose. Advent is a season all to its own. These four weeks mark the beginning of a new liturgical year with a clear message that as a Church we are to listen to the past and hear the promises of a future hope that is to be lived out in the present moment.

The season mystically connects the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end; with a present day message of hope, peace, joy and love in our midst. These are the basic elements of God's Kingdom, that God literally wants the church to offer the world. During these four weeks we wait, we pray, and we prepare our hearts to be the Church that pours out these blessings. This year we have pulled together a team of worship designers to look at Advent more closely and to use liturgical colours, symbols, music, poetry and preaching to bring the message of Advent to life. Be sure to read the lessons prior to worship to see if you can make connections between the texts being read and the content of worship.

I pray that you will be inspired as we enter into this holy season.

Blessings, Keith

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29 March 2015
Palm Sunday

10.30am - Joint Partnership and Parish Service at St James' Church, Taxal


2 April 2015
Maundy Thursday

7pm - Service of Shadows with Holy Communion at Whaley Bridge Uniting Church


3 April 2015
Good Friday

10am - CTWB Service at Whaley Bridge Uniting Church


5 April 2015
Easter Sunday

Whaley Bridge Uniting Church

10.30am - Morning Worship with Holy Communion

Fernilee Church

2.30pm - Afternoon Worship with Holy Communion

Kettleshulme Church

2.30pm - Afternoon Worship with Holy Communion

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